Your Must-Have Schedule for DMEXCO!

Suzanne Kagan
Marketing Manager
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DMEXCO is just around the corner and you know what that means! It’s time to plan every minute you’re there. That’s right we’ve got you covered with a schedule that’s jam-packed full of events, talks, parties, and amazing sights!

Now you only have two days to fit in everything-DMEXCO and all the secretly-awesome Cologne activities, so keep your schedule with you at all times.

Your Schedule for Cologne’s DMEXCO

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

6:00 am Shower, shave, and make yourself look presentable enough to knock the socks off of the 50,000+ attendees.

7:30 am Grab a coffee and a slice of German cake at Café Reichard and stare at the magnificence that took 600 years to build: UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Cologne Cathedral (It opens at 6 am for you jetlaggers). Take a quick look inside before you jump on the tram and head over to the conference.

8:45-9:00 am Waiting for the conference hall to open up, you meet back up with your BTB (best travel buddy) and you make plans to explore the city together. You bust into the hall as soon as the doors open and jealously eye roll all those stragglers arrive just in time for the 9:45 am official opening.

10:00 am Use a bathroom break as an excuse to check out Bloomberg Media’s Big Problems, Big Thinkers LIVE in the Motion Hall, while your new BTB catches “Innovation is out, Innovation is in” in the Experience Hall for tips on creating the perfect “brand experience.” You’ll recap each other later.

11:00 am Briefly glance at your booth, make sure it’s in trusted hands, and slip into the Experience Hall for a quick talk on “Augmented Reality: The $120 Billion Industry.”

11:25 am Flash that gorgeous smile of yours and schmooze with prospects for an hour and a half, landing 5 new clients because you’re just that amazing.

1:00-3:45 pm Wait for the signal from your BTB and escape for some mid-day shopping at Ehrenstraße and the close-by Primark.

4:00 pm You’re starving, so you thank your lucky stars that there’s a hot dog & beer break at Matomy’s booth in Hall 7, Booth F25. Make sure to wear your Matomy bracelet to get your dogs.


5:05 pm Take notes from Snapchat CSO’s talk on “Storytelling in the age of Snapchat” and remember to post your pics and videos from your trip so far.

5:30 pm Check out the surrounding happy hours, while fully knowing that Matomy’s stole your heart and appetite an hour ago.

6:30-8:45 pm Pack up for the day and make your way over to the Belgian quarter for a little late day shopping and a quick bite of Cologne classics: Halven Hahn (rye roll with cheese) and Himmel un Äd (mashed potatoes with apple mash).

9 pm Meet up with your colleagues at the official dmexco Pure Party! Have a couple beers, dance, and then jump to the UNofficial afterparty at OMClub. Sneak into the Pirate Dinner and grab some premium spirts to go. Proceed to party the night away.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

7:00 am Rub the sleep out of your eyes, take a shower, and try to make yourself look like you don’t have a hangover the size of Wisconsin.

8:00 am Eat breakfast and drink your weight in coffee, before heading back to the conference.

9:00-11:30 am Still buzzing from your 5th cup of coffee, you’re a networking god – meeting and chatting with everyone you see.

11:30 am Catch the tail end of one of the following fascinating lectures: Programmatic reactivation strategy, Programmatic TV – it’s just the beginning, or Can a 150-year-old-company lead in digital? (Can it??)

12:00 pm After telling your team you’re going after a big potential client you spotted near the entrance, meet up for a rendezvous with your BTB at the Farina Fragrance Museum. Take a tour of the museum and learn about the history of Eau de Cologne, while grabbing as many free samples as you can.

1:00 pm Send a text to your colleagues saying you’re still gabbing with this prospect and he seems so close to closing. Stop by the Museum fur Angewandte Kunst (Museum of Applied Art), then treat yourself to the Kölner Zoo. If time permits frolic through the botanical gardens.

3:45-4:45 pm Get back to the conference just in time to talk with a prospect you had talked to yesterday. Browse through the discussions in Congress, Debate, Experience, and Motion Halls: Programmatic Creativity, Passion-based Marketing, The Future of Marcom, Stubbornly Smart Storytelling…

4:50-5:30 pm Make up for the afternoon by schmoozing your way around your hall.

6:00 pm Toast to a successful conference with your BTB with a half-pint of Kölsch at Weinhouas Brungs in historic old town. Then head over to Padlock Bridge. Add a lock with your BTB to commemorate all the fun you’ve had at DMEXCO!

For everyone that needs to hit up the top 10 Cologne sights. Here they are, according to TripAdvisor:

  1. Cologne Cathedral (world-famous cathedral)
  2. Kölner Zoo (place where cool animals live)
  3. Botanical Gardens Flora
  4. Koln Triangle (skyscraper with nice views)
  5. National Socialism Documentation Center (memorial site for victims of the Nazis)
  6. Hohenzollern (Padlock) Bridge
  7. Museum Ludwig (Art Museum)
  8. Wallraf-Richartz Art Museum (13th-19th century)
  9. Roman-German Classical Art Museum
  10. Historic Old Town

One last thing, if you haven’t packed yet, don’t forget the essentials: company-branded clothes, comfy shoes, Tylenol, cough drops, a phone charger, a data plan, and a big smile for all the new friends you’re about to make and the networking you’re going to do. And remember to download the DMEXCO app. Keep that baby at your fingertips for a full list of exhibiters, speakers, conferences, a detailed hall plan, and all info on parties, check-in, and more!

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