Your Must-Have Schedule for Barcelona’s Mobile World Conference

Suzanne Kagan
Marketing Manager
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Our bags are packed and we’re ready to go! Where? To the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, of course. We can’t wait to network, hobnob, and rub elbows with our fellow Who’s Who of the mobile community – and explore every gorgeous piece of architecture Antoni Gaudi touched (or maybe that’s just me?)

If you’re still packing, don’t forget the essentials: warm clothes, your branded clothes for the event, comfy walking shoes, Tylenol, cough drops, a phone charger, and a data plan with at least 1 GB.

How to Plan for One of the Biggest Events of the Year

With 30+ parties and events – including two of our own – how do you fit it all in? So glad you asked.

Thankfully Matomy has over 20 representatives in attendance, so with a little team effort, ingenuity, and a lot of coffee – we have dared ourselves to make the most of our time at the Mobile World Congress and in Barcelona. Whether that means meeting with over 94,000 attendees, stopping by each event and visiting all the sites, or eating as much paella as we can – we’re up to the challenge.

Here’s Our Go-To Schedule for Barcelona’s MWC (You’re welcome to use it!)

Sunday, February 21

2:00 pm Hopefully you’ve pre-registered, are “Good to Go” and can just pick up your badge at the airport.

3:00 pm Check into the hotel, shower, shave and try not to look like someone who just came off a germ-infested magical flying machine.

7:00 pm Leave the computer in your room safe – chances are you won’t need it at the conference – and  head to the Mobile World Congress Welcome Party, where you’ll meet your new BTB (Best Travel Buddy), preferably someone who is good at navigating public transit in new cities and/or works in a mobile tech giant so you can make this trip professionally worthwhile.

9:00 pm Enough schmoozing. Go for a nice, chilly walk on La Rambla with your new BTB, and spend €20 on the incredible street performers who deserve even more. Watch your wallet.

10:00 pm Eat paella, a bunch of tapas, and drink sangria at one of the overpriced restaurants on La Rambla promoting a tourist menu. Find a way to inconspicuously pat your pocket again just to make sure your wallet is still there.

Monday, February 22

9 am Game on, the show has officially begun. Make a quick stop on the way to the conference with your BTB to the Bari Gotic (Gothic Quarter).

9:20 am Stare in awe at the neighborhood, cathedral, Medieval architecture…just walk around.

10 am Take a guided tour of the beautiful music hall, Palau de la Música Orfeó Català, and tell yourself you’ll make it to a concert while you’re there, knowing you probably won’t have the time.

11 am Pick up lunch and get back to the conference, explaining that you accidentally went through the South Entrance instead of the North and got lost in the awesomeness of Innovation City (Hall 3) for two hours, trying to get a glimpse at the new LG G5, X Series, and Stylus 2.

1 pm– Lunch with other fabulous ladies at the 11th Annual Ladies Get Together – assuming you are one of the 51%. (If you’re not, bring a female colleague to enter.)

2-4 pm Use your MWC Event App to network and meet as many of the 94,000+ attendees – making sure they know that the best booth is K41 in Hall 8.1. Quickly stop by Hall 3 to actually check out the new LG and Samsung models. Try to act cool when you “accidentally” run into Mark Zuckerberg by Hall 4.

5:30 pm Hide your jealousy and congratulate the winners at the Mobile Premier Awards.

6 pm-12 am Party hop between IoT (Internet of Things) Stars, #GoBeyond, Hot Topics Mobile, APIs and Smart Cities in a Mobile World, Game On! parties.

*Add an extra 25-40 minute wait for the taxi outside the hall.

Tuesday, February 23

9 am Arrive on time to the MWC, entering through the North Entrance – always the North Entrance.

9:30 am Take a bathroom break and meet up with your BTB before heading to the Museu del Futbol for your 10 am Camp Nou Experience tour.

11:30 am-4 pm High five your BTB before heading back to your booth. Then schmooze and network with others like crazy at your booth and at all the informal parties around you to make up for your insanely long bathroom break.

4 pm Grab a Frank & Beer at Matomy’s booth K41, in Hall 8.1 and enjoy the best MWC break ever.

Mobile World Congress Matomy Hot Dog Break

Mobile World Congress Matomy Hot Dog Break

6 pm-12 am Get happy at the 500 Startups @ MWC 2016 Founders Happy Hour, and party hop between the BIG-small start-up event, DrinkEntreprenuers, Connections are Everything: CartoDBash, Mobile Apps, The MMIX, and We Love Mobile parties.

Wednesday, February 24

9 am-12 pm Arrive on time to MWC and continue schmoozing and networking with as many of the 94,000+ attendees as you can.

12 pm Lunch break. Rendezvous with your BTB at the water fountain and take the subway to Park Güell, an UNESCO World Heritage site. Try not to drool as you stare at the gorgeous multicolored mosaics and monuments to Gaudi’s genius.

3 pm Say bye for now to your BTB with your new secret handshake and get back to your booth, explaining to your team that you were talking to a billionaire-lead by the paella stand for the last 3 hours. Continue to schmooze and network with as many of the 94,000+ awesome attendees as you can.

4 pm Indulge yourself at the Chocolate Break at Matomy’s booth K41, in hall 8.1 and enjoy the best MWC break since the Hot Dog & Beer break.

Mobile world congress Matomy chocolate break

Mobile World Congress Matomy Chocolate Break

5-8 pm Party hop between the Women in Tech, Swedish Beers, NPAW, 4YFN, Mobile Marketing, Cocktails & Friends – QUOBIS parties.

8 pm Make the last entrance for the Casa Batlló and gawk in admiration at another masterpiece of Gaudi.

9 pm-12 am Continue party hopping until you can’t stand and sleep walk to your hotel room.

Thursday, February 25

9 am – 12 pm Arrive at the MWC and be a Networ-King/Queen. You should have talked to at least 90,000 of the 94,000+ attendees by now.

12 pm Meet your BTB by the entrance, jump in a taxi, and head to Montjuic. Ride on the cable car, visit the castle, and take in all the spectacular views.

2-4pm Back at the booth, schmoozing the pants off the other attendees.

4 pm Enter the magnificent Sagrada Família with your BTB and pre-ordered online ticket (unless you want to stand in the longest line mankind has ever known).

7 pm Head to the MLOVE MWC Afterparty.

Friday, Feb 26

Stay an extra day, eat more paella and tapas, drink sangria, and catch everything you missed with your BTB: Magic Fountain, Monserrat Mountain, Sitges beaches…

12 am Say a tearful goodbye to your BTB and make plans for the next conference.


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