5 Ways to Boost Email Opens for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Christina Diederich
Vice President of Client Strategy
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Every year, Black Friday shoppers are moving from brick and mortar stores to online. In fact, predicts that there will be $3.52 billion in online sales on Black Friday alone! To make the most of the shopping frenzy, here are five tips to make sure your marketing emails are irresistible to potential customers this holiday season.

1. Make Your Customers Lives Easier

Over the years, Cyber Monday has become a more relaxed and safer alternative to the crushing stampedes found in stores on Black Friday. This has resulted in throngs of shoppers waiting until Cyber Monday to make their purchases online. Waking up at dawn and battling it out with other shoppers over cute sweaters and smart TVs just does not seem worth it for many. To capitalize on these sentiments, it is in your business’ best interest to make your big online sales start in time for Black Friday – and let your customers know about it! With so many holiday email marketing campaigns making their way into their inbox, make yours stand out with an eye-grabbing subject line that understands and discusses their concerns.

Here’s a suggestion: Skip the crowds! Get 60% off on Black Friday!

2. Short, Sweet, and Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that mobile generated $1.07 billion in revenue during last year’s Cyber Monday?  That’s why your mobile audience is more important than ever. Keep your mobile users engaged with these tips:

  • Keep your message brief and discuss the main points before the customer moves onto the next email or deletes it.
  • Limit your subject line to 33-40 characters – that’s the typical range most smartphones show in portrait mode.
  • Depending on your ESP, try including preview text as a second subject line to increase your chances of engaging the mobile user.
  • Ensure a smooth transition from your email to the point-of-sale for customers who want to complete a transaction right on their device.

Here’s an example of a mobile-friendly subject line: Pre-Black Friday Event – Starts Now!

3. Offer Desirable Discounts

For many companies, Cyber Monday offers the biggest revenue of the year. To ensure a successful holiday campaign, plan to offer multiple promotions to different groups and try creating a discount calendar. Map out all your promos for the upcoming holiday season, including those for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is also a great time to test your emails with a/b test campaigns: testing images, call-to-actions, and delivery times.

4. Build Urgency

Another effective way to drive urgency is to highlight low-stock, popular products that are back in stock, or limited quantities of hot items directly in the email or on your retail site. Keeping customers informed of inventory updates can be the extra push they need to convert over the Thanksgiving weekend.

One way to create urgency and boost clicks and conversions is to build a countdown clock on your email creative.

5. Extend Your Promotion …

Take advantage of the holiday craze and extend your Black Friday or Cyber Monday campaigns for more than a single day. The key to continuing your campaign’s lifeline is to freshen up your email creatives. The good news is 86% of consumers like to receive promotional emails at least monthly, and 15% like to receive them every day. But, make sure to avoid resending the same campaign to your users. Doing this will help you decrease the amount of unsubscribes while increasing the shopper’s attention. Don’t be afraid to get personal within the subject line or body of the email either – 74% of marketers say that email personalization improves rates of customer engagement.

Try using this example: Bill, missed our big sale? You can still get it today!

There’s still a little time to update and optimize your campaigns. Feel free to follow the above and tweak as necessary. Happy emailing!

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