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Direct response
social advertising

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Technology–based social performance

We run on Facebook PMD technology

ROI through technology

Our team of expert social media managers and campaign analysts will deliver the ROI you want from your
Facebook campaigns. Combining our full agency services with the targeting, tracking and reporting capabilities
in Adquant’s PMD (Preferred Marketing Developer) technology, we effectively and efficiently optimize
your campaigns to provide the results you want at scale.

Objective-based ad buying and reporting

Matomy’s objective-based ad buying on Facebook automatically configures the best media plan based on
your campaign goals. During the different stages in the life-cycle of each campaign our smart bidding platform
adjusts the bid algorithm automatically to ensure less testing, better optimization and higher ROI.

Facebook re-targeting

Facebook retargeting campaigns serve customized Facebook ads to people who have visited your site but didn’t convert. Retargeting campaigns have proven to be very effective in the Matomy network, resulting in as much as 300-700% higher conversion rates.

By incorporating non-Facebook data into your media-buying plan, we can help you reengage with your audience on Facebook.

  • Pinpoint Facebook users who visited your website and did not convert.
  • Get more traction and recognition to your product
  • Present additional products to an engaged and targeted audience

Facebook Mobile

The future of social is in your hand

More than 900 Million users are connecting to Facebook through their smartphones and tablets on an average of 14 times a day. Mobile is no longer the future – it’s here, and Facebook is investing heavily in developing their mobile platform. Our team of mobile media managers will tailor your direct response campaigns to the latest mobile advertising solutions and optimize your ads to get the best ROI.

Promoting an app? Looking for new users?

Drive traffic to your website and Facebook page and interact with your fans

Mobile CPI Campaigns on the Facebook App

Advertising on Facebook mobile Newsfeed drives thousands of engaged new users directly to app stores. Matomy’s know-how in app promotion and user acquisition comes directly from our media-buying and optimization experience and best practices. In addition, we can measure post-install activity on an ad level in order to optimize to LTV (life-time value).


We speak Facebook

We see the world in facebook blue

With performance in our DNA and our finger on the pulse of this dynamic ad platform,
our experienced team knows how to quickly implement and seamlessly adapt your
campaigns to an ever-changing environment.

We provide an end-to-end agency solution; from strategic consulting and planning through
multilayered user segmentation to designing the most engaging creative ads targeted precisely
to your audience, our aim is to drive the users you want to your business.

Tailored Social Strategies

Marketing goals and fingerprints; no two are the same.

Through careful research and examination of your marketing goals,
we work with you to create social ad campaigns that utilize the entire
range of Facebook ad products for desktop and mobile.

  • Newsfeed placement
  • Mobile campaigns
  • Sponsored stories
  • App promotion

Creative power

Advertising on Facebook is no longer limited to the right panel of
the newsfeed, and having your campaign optimized for all types of
available ads is a crucial factor in the overall performance of
your social campaign.

Benefit from the creative services of our in-house studio,
which provides complete ad and landing page copy and design.