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Our search engine marketing services are built around a simple concept: improving the ROI of your marketing spend. By bringing a performance-based model to search engine marketing, we provide you with a trackable, detailed analysis of your customers complete purchase path, allowing for better targeting of specific keywords and maximum results.

Our highly customized and integrated search marketing capabilities, perfectly combine advanced technological capabilities with real human expertise. This allows us to provide you with deep insight into your customers’ interests and purchase intent. We make everything trackable to acquire comprehensive data, which we then put through extensive A/B testing and landing page optimization, so that we can improve performance of your accounts and reach – if not exceed – your specific ROI goals.

We are a certified Google Partner, which ensures that your campaign receives the industry’s highest quality campaign performance and analytics.

Our Method

Comprehensive Account Audit

Our team of search marketing experts dig deep into your paid and organic search history to gain a comprehensive understanding of your previous efforts, and current goals. By performing a series of 360-degree audits we ensure that your brand is fully optimized from technical, content and authority perspectives, and adheres to current best practices. We recognize that no two clients’ needs are the same. We provide an extensive analysis of your brand’s search engine results in order to customize a search marketing strategy specifically for your needs. With a new strategy in place, we work closely with your marketing team to execute the necessary changes, and achieve you goals.

  • Keyword research

    Proper research consists of a list of terms, traffic volumes and competitive estimates for each keyword. This allows for effective campaign structuring and improves performance.

    Effective research will also find terms that were previously unexplored but can turn into profit and eliminate irrelevant terms that deliver negative ROI.

  • Launch and Scaling Up

    Following initial optimization and A/B testing we scale up activity, and add new channels and keywords while continuing to monitor and improve results.

Our Strategy

We pride ourselves on always being at the leading edge of the search marketplace, continuously analyzing market trends, new algorithms, technological developments and the competitive landscape. Our scientific approach utilizes analytics tagging and personalized paid advertisements on all relevant search engines, allowing us to track your customers from search to conversion. We combine this data-driven insight with performance-based technology to better understand customer behavior and customize your search strategy to more profitably engage, acquire and retain customers.

Our Services


It is impossible to overestimate the power of good SEO. No matter how much the digital marketing field may evolve, consumers still prefer clicking on organic, or natural, search listings because they are perceived to be the most credible sources. At Matomy, our SEO services are highly integrated and customized to meet your specific on-page SEO needs.

To make sure that search engines and customers find your site, our targeted search engine optimization strategies include:

  • Technical

    A solid technical foundation ensures that search engines can find, crawl and index your site to help your company appear higher on search engine results pages.

  • Content

    Keyword-rich and authoritative content shows search engines and consumers that you are an expert in your industry and a trustworthy source of information

  • Linking

    A strategic linking campaign builds authority for your site and directs traffic to the information they are seeking.

To learn more about Matomy’s organic search services, please click here.

Our Technology

As a performance-driven company, we analyze everything. Built around technology and analytics tools that help us dive deep into the inner workings of your brand’s search history and presence, we develop an interface between your CRM and Google’s API. This allows us to more efficiently track your customer’s search history and purchase path. Better tracking means your marketing dollars go towards the most relevant keywords and search engines, improving the ROI of your search campaigns.