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Matomy gives publishers and advertisers a complete set of virtual currency advertising solutions for the monetization of online, social and freemium games and services*. Through the Matomy Offer Wall and in-game placements, users earn the coins and currency they seek to advance in their favorite games, MMOs and social apps.

Drive more revenue to your mobile app

Allow your mobile users to advance faster in your game by installing new apps, watching videos, registering for websites and shop. Convert your non-paying users in a fun and easy way while boosting your app revenue.

Mobile offer wall
Custom made offer wall for mobile android applications allows users to review a range of mobile offers to get virtual currency (CPI, CPL, CPA, CPV or CPS). Learn More here

Monetize users by enabling them to unlock virtual goods and new levels

Banners & Interstitials
A variety of engaging ads in standard MMA sizes    
  • Video Ads
  • Downloads
  • Shopping
  • Surveys and Tasks
  • Mobile Content
  • “View and Do”
*Matomy’s Offer Wall provides users with a variety of fun ways to earn the credits they want by completing engaging offers, including the top converting offers from the leading advertisers worldwide. Our Offer Wall is available exclusively via direct publisher relationships and is not affiliated with any third-party ad servers or SSPs.

In-Game Ad Placements

videowidgetgeneral In addition to our offer wall advertising opportunities, we have also enabled in-game integration of banners, widgets and special daily offers from over 7000 advertisers worldwide. Users can earn points and items by clicking on exclusive offers during gameplay without opening another browser window. In-game offers increase engagement, CTR and average playtime while lowering attrition.
For a demo of our in-game features click here

Our variety of in-game offers include:

  • Video Widget
  • Special Offer Pop-Ups
  • Pre-Roll Videos
  • Customizable Banners
  • Sky Bar
  • Content Locking

Exclusive Features

We spend hours behind locked doors coming up with new and innovative ways to improve user experience while increasing your ECPM. Our range of unique features stems from in-house marketing research and our direct relationships with our publishers, and is part of the reason our virtual currency platform is chosen by top games publishers worldwide.

The “Trending” Tab

Our “Trending” tab allows users to review recently picked offers in real time, increasing their engagement and confidence. The tab shows what offers other Matomy Offer Wall users from the same country are completing and the amount of points that they are receiving. This feature encourages new users to start earning points by picking up popular offers and boosts ARPU. virutal1

Fraud Protection

We use a multi-layered approach to block user abuse and protect our publishers and advertisers.

  • All incoming data is screened through a 3rd party remote anti-fraud system from one of the market leaders in the field of cybercrime.
  • The data is then filtered through our internal security software.
  • An in-house experienced fraud prevention specialist manually flags suspicious behavior, cross-referencing it with usage statistics and best practices.

Offer Support

Our support team is here to solve any problems you might have with our advertised offers. If you encounter any difficulties with getting your game points please open this PDF and follow the instructions on how to open an inquiry through the “Check offer status” button. Currently we only offer support in English.

Click here to download the offer support PDF