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matomy & mobfox Leaders in mobile advertisin

Innovative Mobile Programmatic and Performance Advertising Solutions

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  • Acquire Users Globally: 40 billion monthly ad impressions and campaigns in more than 100 countries
  • Data driven: Advanced DMP
  • Advanced Targeting: Locate high-value users with innovative targeting
  • Results-driven: Performance optimization algorithm
  • Multi-Channel: App discovery, social, display, programmatic, native, video, affiliates
  • Engagement: 100 million monthly clicks

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mobfoxbutton2 Programmatic Monetization Solutions

  • Maximize Earnings with our advanced RTB exchange and free mediation solution
  • Monetize Globally with our 200+ demand partners
  • Traffic Mediation & Auto Optimization: MobFox’s innovative auto-optimization engine allows you to dynamically allocate your mobile inventory to verified third-party ad networks.
  • Innovative Ad Formats: native and video ads
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Targeting and Optimization


Mobile advertising offers unique targeting opportunities that will keep conversions up and costs down. In addition to standard web metrics, our mobile targeting capabilities include:

  • OS
  • Carriers
  • Devices
  • Hyperlocal


Targeting and optimization go hand in hand, and our experts slice through every metric to make sure ads are only shown to the highest converting users, on whatever device and in whatever location they may be. Real-time reporting shows you exactly what is working where, providing ultimate cost control.

Mobile Media Capabilities

We provide advertisers, agencies and app developers scalable access to quality global traffic through our relationships with mobile trading desks, SSPs and networks as well as in-house publishers.
wider reach
Want wider reach for your campaign? Our mobile publisher network covers over 85 countries including local inventory across Europe and Latin America. With a focus on performance at all times, we deliver the highest quality traffic and optimize media costs towards your CPA goals.
Burst Campaigns and App Distribution Apps
Want to gain users for your application? Get top ranking in app stores and find high-value users through burst campaigns, app distribution apps and targeted mobile web and in-app placements, including CPI-based delivery on the Facebook mobile app and the Google Display Network.


We monetize over 10B monthly mobile impressions across the globe, through our direct relationships with advertisers, networks, DSPs and agencies. Mobile website publishers and app developers will maximize earnings from every impression on this booming platform.
  • 1500+ mobile-optimized CPA/CPI offers from 200 countries
  • All MMA ad formats: banners, push notifications, text links and interstitials
  • High fill rate
  • Limitless access to mobile demand from top global advertisers
  • Full ad coverage for all mobile devices, geos and OS

Best-in-class service

Your dedicated Account Manager will assist you in seamlessly integrating our SDK and offer you professional consultation and the most relevant offers for your traffic. Access our detailed reporting system and uncover the true value and potential of your advertising space.