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Increase revenue from your parked domains with our optimized ad formats and templates that suit every domain type on web and mobile.


By domainers for domainers


Matomy welcomes

With more than 30 years of combined industry experience, the team at ParkingCrew know what domainers need: dedicated account managers that know what they are doing and a system built by domainers to satisfy every domainer’s need.

Coming from a domainer background, we know how important cash flow is to growing your business. We therefore pay out NET 15 to our domainers.

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High performing ads

Partnerships with ad providers

We have partnered with the biggest search engine in the world to bring the largest ad inventory out there to your domains. Furthermore, we have a large base of direct advertisers bidding directly on your Tier-2 domain traffic that won’t get properly monetized elsewhere.

Various “for sale” banners”

Choose from various ”For Sale“ banners. Automatically link to any sales platform of your choice or use our powerful contact form to learn more about who is inquiring!

Proven optimization and templates

  • Optimization

    A system that auto-optimizes not just on domain level, but also on visitor country.

    All this data makes for zero guesswork, so you get paid what each domain actually earns, not what other parking companies “estimate”. No more subsidizing other customers or domains!

  • Web and mobile templates

    As more and more people navigate to your domains from mobile devices, we make sure they are served the proper templates. This has a huge impact on CTR!

    We provide templates that have been tested over and over and over for maximum performance on both web and mobile versions of your domain.

    View our templates here