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Global Publisher Network

Our network of direct publishers consists of thousands international websites and apps, delivering billions of impressions for every campaign. Our publishers enjoy professional consultation free-of-charge from our in-house traffic monetization experts, ensuring that every impression served is targeted to the right audience and optimized for maximum performance.

Network Facts

  • 1 High international fill and great eCPM
  • 2 The best campaigns from around the world
  • 3 A tailored development plan dedicated to maximizing your site’s ad revenue
  • 4 Monetize your video content with Pre, Mid & Post Roll Ads

Publisher Benefits

High International Fill and Great eCPM

Our publishers know that they can rely on Matomy as a valued, long-term partner for targeted ad content, competitive eCPMs and high international fill. In addition to hands-on yield optimization by monetization experts, we provide all the tools needed to manage your inventory.

Business Intelligence Analysis

Daily analysis of your results ensures continuous optimization of performance. Our in-house reporting and analysis technology allows for detailed, drilled down, customized reports using multiple dimensions. Additionally, our team of BI analysts ensure we have the best campaigns in the market at any point.

Advanced Ad Types

Easily implement advanced ad types to boost your CTR and eCPM. These include:
  • This floating ad type hovers along with the page as the user scrolls down the site and settles at the bottom right or left corner of the screen.

    ad slider
  • The banner is placed on the bottom of the screen blending smoothly with the site design and generating great results.

    catfish ad
  • Loading over the webpage content, the layer ad is not seen as a pop-up and therefore not blocked by browsers.

    layer ad
  • Present a range of engaging premium video ads on your hosted video content or game.



Ensure that the ads that appear on your site suit your user base and complement your business. Black lists and competitors can be controlled to ensure your brand’s safety. We continuously test creatives and ensure that they are compliant of your brand safety needs.
  • Only qualifying creatives are served on your inventory


We specialize in these campaigns:

  • Dating
  • Downloads
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Software
  • Games
  • Lead Generation
  • Mobile Content
  • Telecom
  • FB Apps
  • Shopping
  • Coupons
  • Video
  • Surveys

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