Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes to Understand Their Journey

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Think of your app, site, company, or product as the destination of a long journey. Your user is a mile, 20 miles, maybe even thousands of miles away. You need to bridge the gap from wherever your user is to your app. How do you do this? Well, first you must step back into the mind of your users, learn their interests, and see which users actually have the potential to become your customers. Let’s start now.

It’s time to wake up.

Rub your eyes, grab your phone, and begin whatever the process you start the day with: read the news headlines

** 💡 Native ad article – Is that an article on cheap flights? –

browse your Facebook feed, brush your teeth, play 20 seconds of a game, check sports scores

** 💡 30 sec video ad – Wow, what for an awesome new sports app. Mental note, install app later. –

read your email, chat with a friend, take a shower, drink coffee, and get dressed.


Jump in your car, turn on Waze and do your best to not interact with your phone while driving to work –

No, I’m not the passenger. You caught me, Waze  😉 

Stop at a traffic light for 2 seconds –

** 💡 Interstitial ad – oooh a new Mexican place just opened up, let’s try it later this week, maybe tonight?

You can’t stop thinking about the article on the cheap tickets. After all, you’re just starting to plan your next big trip.

In a free moment at work, you can’t resist. You go back to the article and tap the link.

** 💡 Nice! A super affordable ticket to Vegas.

You call up your significant other and let them know to pack their bags and get ready for the best trip ever!

After lunch, you check your Facebook

** 💡 Video ad – Is that a new hotel that just opened up in Vegas? It looks amazing! 

You tap the ad because, why not? It’s just what you’re looking for. But you decide not to book. The prices are a bit out of your budget.

While on the way home, you take a peek at Instagram. Your friend Matt posts the most ridiculous pictures of his dog Charlie dressed up as celebrities. While laughing at the latest Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow-inspired outfit,

** 💡 Instagram ad – No way! A 20% discount on that new Vegas hotel. 

You can’t believe your luck! You tap the ad and use the promo code to book a room.

Now you’ve got a vacation booked!

** 💡 And all thanks to a bunch of highly-targeted ads.

We could continue this exercise until you’ve rented a car or booked a few site-seeing tours based on those really awesome ads you saw on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other site you visit – but no need, you get the picture.

Understanding the Customer Journey, and How to Drive It

So you’ve delved deep, and you find out who are your best users. But that’s not enough, because remember these users are on a journey and the best way to ensure that they continue traveling towards your destination is to approach them from multiple angles and channels, more than once – from their Facebook feed, favorite sports or shopping app, top news site, email, Instagram – each time enticing them to act. But even if they do act and visit your site, download your app, make an initial payment, there’s no guarantee they’ll return. So you continue to engage them with highly-targeted relevant ads in just the right moments, and you do this until they become that much sought after loyal customer.

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