Take Control with CPMs for Email Marketing

Prima Creel
Sales Director
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In the digital world with all the different alternatives for marketing, it’s even more complex when you consider the several options for payment with those alternatives.  It can make a person’s head spin trying to figure out a course of action; how to test, how to scale and how to find consistency.  Various sources have different systems and allow different processes to reach their subscribers.  Speaking for White Delivery, CPMs, (Cost Per Thousand Delivered), gives the advertiser control over their volume, testing options and quality.  Having worked in this field for years, most high-quality lists work similarly with many not allowing CPC or CPA campaigns ever.

Here is how you can take control of your email campaign with CPM:

1. Reach More Customers – Volume Control

With CPMs, you dictate the volume.  If you want to reach 1 million subscribers on a specific day, that is what you will reach. Often times, performance, (CPC and CPA), means you are bidding for traffic against other performance advertisers, and the volume depends on a lot more than just your offer.  It depends on the other offers that are in play.  This can make it harder to scale and get the volume needed for optimal results.  CPMs will always have total control over volume with White Delivery.

2. Split Testing Offers

When wanting to test multiple creatives to find the best one to scale with, you need flexibility within your booked volume. CPMs give you full control for split testing within one booking.  If you book 1MM names and want to test 4 creatives, then we will send 250,000 records each creative so you can analyze and optimize.  With performance marketing, you are usually testing one creative at a time, and if not successful, you may not get a chance with another creative if inventory is tight.  CPMs always have first access to inventory and total control of testing options at White Delivery.

3. Reach Best Converting Subscribers

Since CPMs have first access to inventory, they also have access to the most active and responsive inventory in our wheelhouse.  White Delivery prides itself in optimizing abilities with campaigns and the traffic they are sent to. CPMs will always get the highest quality subscribers to help ensure optimal results.

4. Be Flexible and Test Your Options

For those that avoid CPM email marketing, understanding how CPM works and how to test appropriately is key.  Though it is best to run proven creative, split testing is necessary to optimize and learn which creative to scale with.  Ask your account manager questions as to which days perform better for your vertical, what kind of creatives and landing pages resonate with the list.  Be flexible and understand, not every list is created equal.  Having the ability to test effectively will help you scale and increase ROI with optimal results.  White Delivery is happy to help!

Want to learn more about starting a CPM Campaign?  Contact us at [email protected]

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