Pascale Bercovitch Plays to Win with Matomy

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For any one that has ever had the privilege of meeting Pascal Bercovitch, there’s no doubt that they’ve come across a remarkable woman. Pascale has accomplished more at the age of 48 than most people do in their lifetime. She’s a filmmaker, international journalist, best-selling author, a motivational speaker, a mother of two, and a two-time Paralympian, who will compete once again this coming September – but this time, she will compete with Matomy by her side.

Follow Pascale’s progress as she goes for the gold!

What It Means to Play to Win

Earlier this year, Matomy launched a global well-being campaign across our 11 branches – a campaign that would embody the spirit of Matomy’s internal motto, “We Play to Win”.

Far beyond professional development, Matomy strives for excellence, encouraging its employees to achieve their full potential physically, mentally, and emotionally, at home and in the office. We believe in supporting the community and attaining a healthy lifestyle. One way we’ve done this is by organizing fitness teams within the company: running groups, basketball teams, and soccer teams, who meet weekly and work together to reach the fitness goals they’ve set for each other. Another way is by giving back to the community. In Israel, for example, we volunteer regularly with two charities for children, encouraging them to understand and realize their own dreams.

When it came to picking a person to be the face of our “Play to Win” campaign, it was no contest. Pascale was always the one and only choice. As explained by Matomy CEO Ofer Druker, “Over the years, Pascal experienced numerous changes in the Paralympics, which introduced new challenges and new opportunities to win.  Matomy’s company motto is “We Play to Win” and Pascal represents this attitude perfectly. This made our partnership feel very natural.”

Matomy CEO Ofer Druker with Pascale Bercovitch

Pascale & Matomy Play to Win

Pascale Bercovitch

Israeli Paralympian Pascale Bercovitch

Losing both of her legs in a train accident when she was 17, Pascale transformed what could have been a disability into incredible strength. She strived to be the best at everything she ever wanted to do whether that was filmmaking, journalism, rock climbing, skydiving, or even motherhood. And she welcomes every challenge with a smile – an all too important quality that was especially useful when her sport was cancelled not once, but twice at the Paralympics. Instead of quitting, she adapted and challenged herself to learn a new sport, making this her third sport, in her third Paralympics competition. She is the only athlete in the history of the games to succeed in doing so.

As an industry leader that is constantly adapting and improving in a challenging and evolving technological environment, we feel a special connection to Pascale and her life story. Since its launch in 2007, Matomy has grown and reinvented itself through strategic acquisitions, technological advancements, but most importantly through hard work, dedication, and the will to succeed. We’ve evolved from a small performance-based digital marketing company to a world-leading media group that serves the needs of advertisers and publishers in a constantly-changing market. And like Pascale, we don’t let the small challenges get in the way of the bigger picture – instead we prefer to focus on long-term planning, and long-lasting results. This is a sentiment we are happy to share with Pascale Bercovitch, and that’s why we’re thrilled to sponsor her bid for the gold at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.

In the words of Galia Bachar, Matomy VP HR, “Pascal, on behalf of all the employees at Matomy, we believe in you. We admire your determination, and you are our symbol and our personal model of the excellence we strive for. We wish you good luck!”

To learn more about Matomy’s sponsorship of Pascale, visit:

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