Facebook Case Study: Launching Wondermall, the Modern Mobile Mall

Matomy Team
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Matomy’s social team worked with Wondermall, a mobile mall app available to iPad users, to launch a Facebook promotional campaign with the end goal of creating a strong female user base. Read on for the full case study.

The Advertiser 

Wondermall was founded in 2012 in Palo Alto, California by a team of entrepreneurs who were passionate about disrupting e-commerce on tablets and providing a fun and enjoyable shopping experience for brand consumers. Today, Wondermall features global brands such as Gap, Nike, DKNY, Neiman Marcus, Ralph Lauren and Sephora.

The Objective

Launch a Facebook app promotion campaign for women and build a strong user base for the Wondermall iPad app.


Filling Wondermall’s Cart with New Users

Since the concept of the Mobile Mall was new, it was important to create a large number of users at the lowest possible CPI and track in-app events for performance optimization.

For the launch of the campaign, Matomy targeted women 18+ with an interest in brands that are part of the Wondermall selection. Matomy also targeted women who had shown an interest in online shopping, department stores, clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Matomy used Facebook’s Core Targeting capabilities to target and test different groups of users and later used Lookalike Audiences to find new users that resembled the best-performing groups. Wondermall used “Conversion Tracking” to analyze user engagement, and placed a conversion-tracking event on the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

After a few months of activity, Wondermall and Matomy created Mobile Custom Audience groups that were comprised of users who were highly engaged with the app in a variety of patterns and frequencies and presented targeted creatives that included Carousel and videos ads.




As the number of new users grew, the application usage data helped provide better targeting groups and improved campaign performance. Using Facebook’s targeting tools and conversion tracking optimization proved to be the winning formula. In a short time, the app has established itself as one of the leading iPad shopping apps for brands.

  • 70,000+ users in under a year
  • 60,000+ “Add to Cart” conversions in 5 months
  • Over 4M female iPad users were exposed to Wondermall ads

In the words of Wondermall CEO Oren Donronsky:

Matomy helped us harness all that Facebook has to offer in terms of mobile user acquisition. It has proved an efficient channel to reach our target audience. Matomy has done a great job in running well-segmented campaigns while taking advantage of the targeting capabilities that Facebook has to offer, leveraging trends, and seasonal user behavior to drive installs.

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