Dive into New Revenue with Outstream Video

Roni Levy
Media Sales Team Leader
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Time and time again video has been slated as the most engaging advertising format. But not all video was created equally. Some formats are simply more appealing to users, and this is certainly the case for outstream. With greater viewability, flexibility, and increased CPM, outstream is the perfect video solution for publishers. As more and more publishers are taking the plunge with this format, outstream will continue to make waves in the industry.

Outstream Video: A Game Changer for Publishers

Before we jump right in to all the benefits of outstream video, here are two quick examples to look at if you’re not familiar with the format: (1) an in-content demo and (2) a side or corner demo.

(1) Outstream within the content of an article


(2) Outstream on the side

Dive into New Revenue with Outstream Video

Instream vs. Outstream

Why all the excitement about outstream? Partly because it answers many needs that aren’t addressed from instream video. With instream, users visit a site and see pre-existing video content from a built-in player before they can access the video content they originally wanted to watch. Despite being an effective format, there’s still limitations. For example, if there’s no content to stream, the video continues buffering to the annoyance of the user. The video will also continue playing whether the user is engaged with the content or not. But by far the biggest challenge is that many publishers lack the necessary content to serve instream ads, while this isn’t a factor for monetizing with outstream.

Designed for Improved Viewability

There’s been a lot of talk of improving viewability in the last year. This is precisely what makes outstream video so effective. Similar to native advertising, the user’s experience remains a priority. A study by Forrester found that 60% of publishers chose to offer outstream because it provides better end-user experience. Those user-friendly attributes include:

  • Only starting to play when the user is engaged (and pausing accordingly)
  • Muted by default unless the user scrolls over the content
  • The video travels with the user on the side as they scroll through a post, while not blocking the post
  • The outstream unit only opens when there’s an ad to display

Greater Scale

As previously stated, besides being inherently viewable, publishers don’t need to supply their own content or video player to serve outstream ads. With instream video, publishers need to invest both time and money into creating video content that works directly with ad placements. Because of this, there hasn’t been enough supply to meet the increased demand for video. But since this is no longer a constraint with outstream, the door is open for all publishers – big and small – who want to monetize with video on desktop and mobile.

Increased Revenue

According to a 2016 Marketing Land study, the average CTR across devices for their outstream was around 2.5%, higher than for CTR. More viewability, improved user experience, and a lack of technological restraints make this a revenue-generating format that offers increased CPM for publishers. Simply put, outstream is more effective.

It’s clear that video is one of the most lucrative monetization formats, offering higher revenue than others. And now with outstream, all publishers can dive in and benefit.

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  1. HC says:

    As the Founder & CEO of we completely agree with nearly all of this. There are very few good outstream providers with technology that works seamlessly with mobile and that prevent against the latency issues mentioned. is one of the few pure-play outstream providers with best-in-class technology that can get publishers up and running in minutes without any fees or long-term contracts. Plus, Matomy is a partner of ours!

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