How to Attract More Users with Facebook’s Slideshow Ads

Saguy Aizen
Search & Social Media Manager
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In late October, Facebook unleashed their Slideshow Ads on the world. What makes this simple advertising feature a powerful engagement tool for your business? The brilliance is in the simplicity: a video ad up to 15 seconds, composed of 3 to 7 still images in a slideshow. That means even if you have a small budget – or are stretching a larger one – you can still create an eye-catching auto-play ad that will engage more users, in more areas of the world.

Reach a Whole New Audience

No matter the size of your business or budget, Slideshow Ads offer something for everyone. They may not be as exciting as the high-quality, auto-play video ads that appear on our 4G smartphones, but they do have something that video doesn’t. They give your company the unique opportunity to engage anyone, on any device, regardless of their bandwidth – a huge benefit for companies that are active in, or trying to extend their reach to emerging markets.

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Did you know that approximately 85% of the world’s population use 2G and 3G technology? That’s 85% of the population who can’t access your video ads because their internet connection is simply too slow. For advertisers that want to build brand awareness and entice more users across the globe, especially in Africa and Asia, the new slideshow ad is a great, cost-effective tool.

That’s 85% of the population who can’t access your video ads because their internet connection is simply too slow.

How to Create Your Facebook Slideshow Ad

You can easily make a slideshow from the Power Editor interface, the same way you would create an ordinary video ad. Here’s how:

  1. Once inside the Power Editor at the Ad level, click on “Slideshow” and then “Create Slideshow”.
  1. When the image gallery pops up, select between 3 to 7 images, but be careful! The order you pick the images in the gallery will be the order of their appearance in the slideshow. The system will then automatically generate a slideshow based on these images. Note: Ideally images should be 1280 x 720 pixels or have an image ratio of 16:9 or 4:3. Any other ratio will automatically be cropped to a square.
  1. Choose the length of the slideshow (up to 15 seconds) and whether or not to include a fade effect between slides.

And that’s it! Congrats, you’ve got a Slideshow ad!

Already have a carousel ad that performs well? Add some text to each photo and turn it into your first Facebook slideshow.

Now let’s make your video even better. Here are 5 tips to help you create an awesome slideshow:

Add enough images to fit your desired video length.
Try to give each image 1-1.5 seconds. Otherwise, you could end up with a slideshow that moves too slowly and will appear still for the first few seconds. Remember: you’ve got 2, maybe 3 seconds, to grab the user’s attention before they scroll down.

No need to add a CTA (call to action) on every image.
It’s a lot to absorb in 1-1.5 seconds per slide, so keep it simple.

Convert an existing video or carousel ad into a slideshow.
If you already have an ad that performs well, it’ll only take a couple minutes to turn it into a slideshow. Want to learn how to make a successful carousel ad for mobile? Check out our guide on carousel ads!

Use the right ad for the right audience.
Make sure you target audiences who will appreciate your slideshow. For example: This will be a new and exciting ad for Facebook users in South Asia, but it might be a downgrade for users in the US.

A/B Test your heart out!
Test features, creative, and more: Fade or no fade, 1 image per second or 1 image per 1.5 seconds, 7 seconds long or 15 seconds long, purchase funnel vs. screenshots, gameplay vs. special offers….

The rest is in your hands. You’ve got everything you need to make an effective slideshow ad. Let me know how it goes!


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