The New Matomy: A Q&A with the Minds Behind the Matomy Rebrand

Suzanne Kagan
Marketing Manager
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Back in January, Matomy showed off her brand new look and logo.

The new logo was introduced at an annual company event and was met with enthusiasm and excitement from employees and the public.

Many of whom I should mention were unaware that this was actually the culmination of a nearly year-long project that saw the introduction of Matomy’s ad agency, mtmy, and our in-house demand-side platform, myDSP, in addition to creating a new look and site for our internal SSP, MobFox.  Can you imagine that? Introducing two new brands, redesigning another, and devising a whole new look for our mothership, Matomy.

Any company that has ever done a rebrand knows that it can be messy and tear inducing, but also inspiring, magical, and completely worthwhile.

And we want to share that experience with you, and give you an inside look at what’s behind a rebrand. So I sat down with the masterminds behind ours: Matomy VP of Global Marketing, Pamela Becker, and our Creative Director, Debby Oguntuyi Noy. See the video interview with Pamela or read the full interview below.

Q: What was involved in Matomy’s rebrand?

Pamela Becker: A lot. First we needed to decide why we wanted to do this, and if we should. With the way that Matomy has evolved over the years from a performance advertising pioneer into a data-driven technology company, the need to update the logo to better reflect who we are today from who we were in the past was very clear.

We led the process as if we were a branding agency inside the company.” – Matomy VP Global Marketing, Pamela Becker

Then we started the process. It was a complicated process, a difficult process. Most companies would have gone to one of the many talented branding companies outside, but we decided to do it completely in house because we have, in house, an amazing creative studio. And we led the process as if we were a branding agency inside the company.

Debby Oguntuyi Noy: The entire process was quite long. And it took us about 6 months all in all, until we delivered the final logo design.

Q: What inspired Matomy’s new look?

Pamela: We wanted to respect where we came from. Matomy has always been known for its big red dot. So we didn’t want to leave the red dot behind. We took that red dot to new places, to both the primary logo as well as to the logos of the standalone brands in Matomy’s family.

old matomy logo

Q: Does Matomy’s new look represent a shift in brand direction?

Pamela: Absolutely. We used to be solely performance oriented and now we are a technology company. We needed a logo that showed that. It’s fresher. It’s younger. It’s more modern, more technology oriented, and more data driven.

Q: How did you take the inspiration and create the actual logo?

Debby: When we started researching to understand what would best reflect Matomy’s technology, and how we could show it in our brand without being too messy and crowded within the logo, we often found algorithms and formulas. This was reflected as a polygon in many images, and we tried to incorporate that into the logo. So that’s why when you look at the red circle within the logo, it’s made up of polygons with different reds and oranges. The polygons reflect the technology and also the unifying umbrella that has many parts that combine together. The sub brands have the same circle but it’s much smaller and it reflects as a dot. The red dot is there.

“It is just a logo. But it’s also our identity.” – Creative Director, Debby Oguntuyi Noy


Q: What was the biggest challenge of the rebrand?

Debby: Not only creating language for the umbrella brand, Matomy, but also creating a new look for the entire family of all the sub brands.

“When we created the identity for the new Matomy logo, we had to keep in mind how it would be reflected in all of our stand-alone brands.” – Matomy VP Global Marketing, Pamela Becker  

Pamela: Matomy is made up of many platforms and technology services. When we created the identity for the new Matomy logo, we had to keep in mind how it would be reflected in all of our stand-alone brands, so when they do stand alone, they’re beautiful logos and brands on their own, but when they’re brought together, they are clearly part of one family.

This year, not only did we have this rebranding, and not only were we taking a new look at how to position our different technologies, platforms, and offers, but we actually launched two new ones – myDSP, the mobile demand-side platform, and the advertising agency, mtmy. So this was a complicated project with a lot of different elements but we did a great job of bringing them all together, with the red dot.

Q: How do you feel when people say, “But, isn’t it just a logo?

Debby: It is just a logo. But it’s also our identity.

Pamela: The truth is it’s just a logo. It reflects what we are today as a company and that’s amazing. But without the tech, without the people behind it, it’s really just a logo. So while we put in hundreds of work hours and a tremendous amount of sweat and tears, and we struggled with the brand strategy here and there, and workshopped and discussed – at the end of the day, if we don’t have the technology that we do have and the amazing people behind it – it’s just a logo.

Q: What was the best moment of the rebrand?

Pamela: Revealing it! The feedback from the employees was quite positive, and we’re thrilled.

Debby: For me, it’s like giving birth. The greatest moment was when we exposed it and showed it to the entire company, to our employees, and heard their applause. That’s the best compliment 🙂







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