A New Era for MobAff & Matomy Media Group’s Mobile Team

Matomy Team
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Today is an exciting day Matomy Media Group, and MobAff, the mobile affiliate network I founded in 2011 and which Matomy acquired last July. Initially, we were integrated within MediaWhiz, Matomy’s North American division. Now, after more than three months of integration work I’m excited to announce that MobAff has merged with Matomy’s mobile team.

We’ve integrated the MobAff network within Matomy’s performance marketing platform, Matomy Market. You can check out all of Matomy Market’s capabilities here

Numerous Benefits for Affiliates and Advertisers

What does this mean for the hundreds of affiliates and advertisers that we serve every day?

First and foremost, we’re still the same mobile affiliate and marketing team that you know and love. That’s not changing. By combining our forces with Matomy’s mobile team we will be able to provide our affiliates and advertisers with more extensive site monetization and mobile customer acquisition capabilities.

Second, it represents our commitment to providing our affiliates and advertisers with the best-performing mobile performance network and tracking capabilities.

Finally, the MobAff brand has been retired and the MobAff website will be redirected to

Here’s a quick rundown of the many benefits for affiliates and advertisers:

Benefits for Affiliates

  • Monetization: Matomy monetizes more than 10 billion (yes, billion) monthly impressions around the globe through its direct relationships with advertisers, networks, DSPs, and agencies.
  • Access to a wider range of top-performing mobile demand from leading global advertisers.
  • High payout rates.
  • Access to more than 1,500 mobile-optimized CPA and CPI from 200 countries.
  • Access to all Mobile Marketing Association ad formats: banners, push notifications, text links, and interstitials.
  • A 100% mobile fill rate.
  • Full ad coverage for all mobile devices, geos and OS.

We will continue to offer our proprietary mobile tracking tool, MobAff Tracker. It will be augmented by Matomy’s media buying tool, Mobit.


Benefits for Advertisers

The benefits of our merger into the Matomy brand don’t end with affiliates. Our advertiser partners stand to gain numerous benefits as well. These include:

  • Dedicated teams specializing in mobile media buying.
  • Ability to run mobile CPA, CPI and CPL campaigns in email, display, push, search, and click-to-call.
  • Superior targeting capabilities across OS, carriers, devices and hyperlocal.
  • Optimization: We slice through every metric to ensure your mobile ads are shown only to the highest-converting users, on whatever device and in whatever location they may be.
  • Real-time reporting to show you exactly what is working where, providing ultimate cost control.
  • Scalability: quality global traffic through our relationships with mobile trading desks, SSPs, and networks, as well as in-house publishers.
  • Global reach: Our mobile publisher network covers more than 85 countries, including local inventory across Europe, the United States, and Latin America.
  • Burst campaigns and app distribution apps: Gain users for your application through burst campaigns, app distribution apps and targeted mobile Web and in-app placements, including CPI-based delivery on the Facebook mobile app and the Google Display Network.

On behalf of the entire MobAff team, thank you for continuing to support us. We can’t wait to provide you with an even better and more robust suite of mobile performance marketing capabilities, now as part of Matomy’s mobile team.

Alex Tsatkin.


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