5 Tips for Successful Email Creatives

Efrat Hameiri
Creative & Production Director
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11.1 seconds, that’s all you get to catch a user’s attention to read an email.

For designers, email marketing is a fast-paced and exciting field, enabling us to quickly learn new insights, understand which creatives perform the best, and how to optimize them accordingly. Whether you’ve been in the email business for 10 years or 10 days, it’s essential to continually optimize your email creatives to gain maximum results. Having designed thousands of emails, our creative team is constantly perfecting the formula for building effective email creatives.

To help you boost your campaign performance, we’re going to share our best design tips for creating successful email creatives.

Tip #1: Make It Attractive

An attention-grabbing email includes compelling images that trigger an emotional reaction. Whether you are trying to portray happiness or empathy, images should have high-resolution and bright color palettes. See the image shown as an example of an email that is designed to grab the consumers’ attention.

Who doesn’t love dogs and a yellow rubber duckie? When designing your email, choose an image that will engage the consumer in either a funny or emotional way. Make sure your design is based on your audience and vertical type. Animation can also be used to catch the consumer’s attention, and increase campaign performance.

Tip #2: Typography Matters

Thanks to Google Fonts, a variety of font types are now easily accessible. Selecting the right type of font for your email can help with space limitation, visual impact, and readability. Try to avoid using the same font size for your entire creative. The user’s eyes should focus on the main message then move to the sub-text. This design method is called typographic hierarchy, and it has been used for years. For example, think of the front page of a newspaper: the headline should be big and bold, and the subheader should be mid-size leading into the rest of the article. A clear structure will visually guide the reader.

Tip #3: Add a Relevant Call-to-Action

The main objective for an email is to prompt the consumer to click. This is known as a call-to-action (CTA). Normally a CTA is a button that redirects to a website or landing page. It is extremely important to place your CTA above the email fold, and for it to be relevant to the objective of the email. For example, if your email aims to get people to join your gym, your CTA could be “Get in Shape” instead of “Click Now”. This gives your audience the specific desired action, and is relevant to the information being shared.

Tip #4: It Should Be Responsive

Did you know 75% of email subscribers admit they will delete an email if they can’t read it on their mobile device? Avoid unsubscribes and potential consumer loss by making your email creatives responsive. There are several screen types currently on the market. Ensure that your email design is viewable, readable, and renders correctly for most device resolutions.

Tip #5: A/B Test Email Creatives

Email marketing is unique in that it allows us to view results almost immediately, in turn helping email designers optimize their creatives quickly. A/B creative testing – sending out two versions of a campaign with different creatives and then analyzing the results – is a valuable method for measuring consumer engagement. It helps the email designer understand which creatives consumers are engaging with, which are being ignored, how users interact with the CTA, etc.  Based on these results and insights, designers can optimize future creatives for maximum ROI.


Did you know? Whitedelivery provides free creative services for our clients.  To speak to our team on how we can optimize your offer creatives, email us at [email protected].


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