3 Ways to Increase Conversions with Facebook’s Video Retargeting

Saguy Aizen
Search & Social Media Manager
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New targeting methods from Facebook never cease to amaze us, and it’s no different with their Video Views Retargeting. Now you might think to yourself, what’s so good about this feature? A person watched the video and didn’t convert, so why should you waste your precious budget on them? Here’s why.

What Does the Video Retargeting Feature Even Do?

Using Facebook’s “newish” feature, you can retarget users who viewed your videos – users who have already engaged with your content – and present them with additional ads, or create lookalike audiences from them. You can also use this feature to sequence your content to users at different stages of their user journey.

Here’s How to Use It

  1. Go to the Audience tab in your ad account.

Source Image: Facebook Ads Manager


2. Click Create Audience and choose Custom Audience.


Image Source: Facebook Ads Manager



When the next menu appears, choose to Create an Audience from Facebook Engagement.


Image Source: Facebook Ads Manager


4. Click the Video option on the next menu.


Image Source: Facebook Ads Manager


Now you’ll be asked to Choose a Video and the Viewing % of the audience – and you’re done!

Some Targeting & Retargeting Strategies You Can Try

Whether you’re an experienced marketer or a newbie, you’ll benefit from these 3 tips for using Facebook’s Video Retargeting feature.

#1 Atomized Content – Next Generation

With atomized content you have two options: you have multiple creatives or pieces of content running in a single platform, OR you have 1 creative or piece of content running across multiple platforms. Simply put, you should exploit your content and creative to their fullest potential (posting the same one on multiple platforms) and all of them should be standalone parts of the same story (posting multiple creatives on the same platform).

Using Facebook as a single point of contact with multiple creatives or items of content is a good option, but it must be executed properly. For example, let’s say you’re working in a lead generation industry and you have a video and a blog post. This feature allows you to sequence them as a part of your strategy, using the video as your prospecting campaign and then creating an audience from the video viewers to target the non-converters with your compelling blog post! This way you can maximize the potential of your target audience, while also driving brand awareness by reaching every potential customer at least twice.

#2 Advanced Retargeting Tactics

It’s safe to assume that if a person watches more than 75% of your video, chances are they’re interested in your product. You can segment these users and retarget them using a more compelling video with a stronger call-to-action.

Didn’t work? Retarget those users who have viewed 50% or more of the video with an enticing offer they can’t refuse.

#3 The Missing Link Between Organic & Paid Facebook Activities

You know that feeling when you have an awesome video post that drives huge engagement on your page and might even go viral, but then you have nothing to do with it but boost the post? Well, now you have something to do with it! You can create lookalikes from those viewers and also audiences from the video viewers to reengage with your huge new potential audience!

And that’s it!

The takeaway here is that even if a person only viewed your content, but didn’t click, there’s huge prospecting potential for these “brand-aware” people – thanks to the Facebook Video Retargeting tool.

*One last prize tip for those that made it to the end of the article – slideshows are videos too! Learn how to attract more users from our post on Facebook SlideShow ads!

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