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By Erez Gross, SVP of Mobile and Display, Matomy Media Group

Today is an exciting day at Matomy Media Group. We’re proud to announce our new partnership with AppNexus that will help us build an industry-first mobile performance capability for media buyers.

Our new performance-based mobile media buying offering will utilize our deep mobile affiliate and publisher relationships. Through the partnership, we will integrate Matomy’s smart mobile media buying optimization tool, Mobit, with AppNexus’ industry-leading programmatic buying platform to provide a gateway for mobile media buying without the need for direct partnerships with individual suppliers.

AppNexus has established itself as the industry’s most powerful advertising technology platform. Its “all-in” commitment to bringing innovative ad-tech solutions to mobile advertising mirrors our “all-in” commitment to delivering the most advanced performance-based advertising solutions for the desktop and mobile.

Longtime Partners with AppNexus

As a longtime client and display partner of AppNexus we have witnessed first-hand how its innovative ad-tech solutions can transform online advertising campaigns. Now, we’re proud to partner with AppNexus to become the industry leader in mobile performance media buying.

Through this partnership, affiliates and mobile media buyers will get access to mobile real-time bidding (RTB) capabilities and Matomy’s mobile publisher platform.

Matomy and AppNexus have had a strong display partnership for several years. Our new mobile performance offering signifies our commitment to moving aggressively with AppNexus into mobile by leveraging AppNexus’ mobile buy-side capabilities and API to build a technology layer to enable efficient mobile media buying.

Along for the Mobile Ride

The rise of mobile has had perhaps the greatest collective impact on the online advertising industry. It is the driving force behind almost every industry innovation, from changes in Facebook’s advertising model to the explosive growth of Big Data, to the rise of RTB. Mobile is reshaping online marketing every day. So much so that it is now clear that companies that don’t have a clear, well defined mobile offering will struggle in the future.

Here at Matomy, our mobile offering continues to evolve in order to meet advertisers’ and affiliates’ needs. It is now firmly part of our unified gateway of performance-advertising solutions, which includes an award-winning affiliate network, display ad network, the aforementioned mobile advertising solutions, email marketing, search and social marketing, video and virtual currency platforms.

It’s with this perspective in mind that we believe our mobile partnership with AppNexus will help to reshape and redefine the mobile media buying ecosystem.

Contact us today to learn more about our performance-based mobile media buying capabilities.


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