Facebook’s Shift from Engagement to Performance is Future of Social Advertising

By Keith Trivitt | Director, Marketing and Communications


One week after its acquisition of Adquant’s social advertising agency (formerly known as Adotomi), Matomy Media Group‘s new director of social advertising, David Serfaty, wrote an opinion piece for AdExchanger in which he refutes the contention made in a recent Forrester Research report that “Facebook is failing marketers” by shifting from engagement and affinity ads to performance-based advertising solutions.

Here is an excerpt of Serfaty’s perspective. You can read the full article at AdExchanger:

I’m not buying it [that Facebook is failing marketers].

True, the Forrester report doesn’t paint a pretty picture for Facebook. Only 51 percent of marketers are satisfied with how Facebook helps them connect with consumers, according to Elliott’s research, which surveyed a statistically insignificant 359 marketers that is hardly representative of the thousands of Facebook advertisers. Marketers surveyed by Forrester ranked Facebook last for creating business value among a list of more than 10 digital marketing opportunities. Clearly, some marketers aren’t too happy with Facebook.

But don’t let the data fool you. Facebook isn’t failing marketers. Marketers are failing Facebook.

This isn’t 2009. Facebook is no longer just an engagement platform. Like the rest of the online advertising world, it is embracing the trend of delivering real, measurable business results. Marketers need to understand that running a Facebook campaign just to build brand affinity or cultivate likes and shares is not a viable social advertising strategy. It can, and should be, a successful and profitable direct-marketing tool for advertisers that can improve both engagement and sales.

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