Mobile Advertising: Making it Big on the Small(er) Screen

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otes from a digital consumer:

More and more people are using their mobile phones more and more and more.  Obvious, yes, but what does it mean for digital advertisers, who are always looking for new ways to reach their audience?  It means that there are more and more opportunities to get a new customer just because today’s consumers are now almost constantly “plugged in” to something that can show them an interactive ad.

A question: How many men out there between the ages of 18 and death still bring a newspaper to the bathroom?  How many home cooks (okay, women, since advertising is all about profiling), still read recipes from a book?

There is very little digital down-time in our lives these days, and advertisers should be taking advantage of these golden, shared amongst humanity moments that, until now, were the gray, “no reception” areas on the map of digital ad exposure.

Another notable note worth noting is that it’s not just one device that we are using at a time.  When my husband watches t.v. his iPhone and his left eye are in constant communication.  One beep and he’s checking emails or the latest alert from his news apps, then it’s back to the game on the (original) small screen.  And his laptop is… on his lap.

There are no tablets in our house just yet, but we’re getting close, because I need a place to jot down ideas for this blog, and unfortunately, using a pen makes my hand cramp up.

This post was inspired by this post at Business Insider.  The post is about distraction, and a recent study concluding that almost 60% of test subjects distracting themselves from TV with their phones.

Interestingly for the online ad crowd, 46% of test subjects are distracting themselves from online video with our phones.  So online video is apparently more interesting than regular TV.  Fancy that.  I wonder whose ads we pay more attention to when all this is going on?  For those who watch online video (me, my kids, my 67 year-old father, and a few more), that’s double the digital ad exposure opportunity as well.

Check out the results from Business Insider below, and let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.  How do you think the phone addiction will play out for big brands and smaller advertisers?  What do you think we will see next in cross-platform advertising?

Daneka Soudak is the Marketing Communications Coordinator and Social Media Manager at Matomy Media Group.  Please contact me at

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