Q-and-A: Keren Marom on Matomy’s Unique Global Affiliate Marketing Service

Blue Book 2014 CPA Rankings - Matomy Media Group

The Online Advertising Blue Book, published by Revenue+Peformance magazine, annually ranks the best cost-per-acquisition networks in the world. In the 2014 edition, Matomy ranks No. 5, seven spots ahead of its 2013 ranking and the third-straight year the company has ranked in the top-20. We sat down with Keren Marom, vice president of media at Matomy, to discuss with her the company’s high Blue Book ranking and what benefits marketing partners can gain from working with Matomy.

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Keren Marom - Matomy Media Group

VP of Media Keren Marom

Why do you think Matomy ranked so high in this year’s Blue Book CPA rankings?
At Matomy we place great emphasis on giving our marketing partners the tips and offers they need to earn more money from their media. With our improved payment terms, appealing international and U.S. offer base at top payout rates and dedicated professional Account Managers, we are the place to come to for increased performance!

In addition, our greater focus and fingerprint in the U.S. market and in mobile activity over the past year (particularly following our January 2013 acquisition of U.S. performance media agency MediaWhiz and our bringing the esteemed Mobaff team on board in July) has increased our U.S. and mobile presence and enhanced our offering to marketing partners even more.

What are the different types of offers in Matomy Market?
Matomy Market offers tons of top-converting U.S. and international offers across a variety of categories, including mobile, education, downloads, finance, entertainment, insurance, shopping and much, much more! Marketing partners interested in learning more about our offers can contact me directly at keren@matomy.com.

How does Matomy’s multichannel approach to performance marketing help publishers earn more from their Web and mobile traffic?
Matomy’s focus on both Web- and mobile-based performance marketing ensures we have top rates and unique global offers across all devices and media channels. We’re here to teach our Web and mobile marketing partners how to expand their activity across different channels, while increasing and diversifying their sources of revenue. We have had many success stories in which we’ve helped Web-based marketing partners get started with mobile Web and app offers in order to keep up with industry trends and capitalize on new opportunities.

You’ve been with the company for several years and have seen Matomy Market grow and evolve over that time. What are you most proud of about Matomy’s marketing partner business?
I consider myself very lucky to have seen the company’s incredible evolution first hand. It makes me proud to continue not only to maintain but to grow our partnerships with publishers and marketing partners year after year in such a dynamic industry. Our flexibility, combined with the continued professionalism and dedication of our team, has helped make us the preferred network of many marketing partners all over the world. We will strive to continue providing significant added value to both new and existing partners.

What are some of the key performance marketing trends you see in 2014 and how will Matomy Market help its marketing partners make money from those trends this year?
Some key trends I see this coming year include continued mobile growth, global expansion on both Web and mobile, and a greater multichannel marketing focus of advertisers.

  • Mobile activity is becoming more popular, both across newcomers of the industry as well as Web-based publishers expanding their focus to mobile, thereby confirming the continued transition to mobile marketing. Matomy Account Managers work closely to guide our marketing partners on how to get started on the mobile front and expand their current activity.
  • Global expansion — With local offices worldwide, Matomy prides itself on providing marketing partners with unique global offers across different categories, and at top payout rates! Contact your Account Manager today to find top recommendations for your media channels.
  • Advertisers are moving towards a multi-channel marketing approach to enhance their reach across the mobile and desktop Web. This means they will be more open to diversified media sources. As part of our effort to guide advertisers on this front, we are able to expand our offering to our marketing partners with a wide variety of campaigns they may not have had access to until now.

How can marketing partners and publishers get started working with Matomy or, if they are already working with the company, how can earn more from their Web and mobile traffic?
They can sign up at Matomy.com, contact us at affiliates@matomy.com or, if they’re already working with us, they should contact their account manager for tips on top performing offers and opportunities to grow their ROI … today!


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